1. In February I made a trip to Cyprus with my friend Rik.

Days travelled : 8

Number of rides : 32

Hitchhiked kilometers : 611



2. In June I travel around Slovakia, Ukraine and Moldova for about a month. Mostly spending time in the Tatra in Slovakia and in Crimea in Ukraine. I don’t get to hitchhike in Ukraine as I am not too confident travelling there on my own with a language barrier present.

Days travelled : 28

Number of rides : 28

Hitchhiked kilometers : 3341



3. I join the German hitchhiking competition Tramprennen with my friend Sidney during August. Our final destination is Preveza in Greece. Afterwards we spent another 2 weeks or so travelling through the Balkans.

Days travelled : 33

Number of rides : 56

Hitchhiked kilometers : 5521



4. In November I made a trip with my friend RR to visit his brother in Zurich and a friend of mine in Bern.

Days travelled : 8

Number of rides : 14

Hitchhiked kilometers : 1295



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