I need a dollar


Although Travel can be as Cheap as you lay your own level of comfort ; It is always nice to have some sort of treasery box at hand (is it to be able to get home quickly when you really need to, for visa’s, buy new colors to continue to make beautifull hitchhiking signs – you name it!) I guess it’s difficult to escape it and I think it is good for the mind and can even be inspirational to work every now and then… so this section is to show you how and where I have been converting time into pennies!


I have my Masters of Art in Archaeology but apart from internships I only managed to work as an archaeologist once. It’s difficult to find a job in this sector and I haven’t really been trying that much anymore as for now my main focus is on travelling and I try not to be tight to a permanent job. While hitchhiking in Turkey I did get an offer to become a tourist guide at the archaeological site of Nemrut Dagi. It was untill I saw the busloads of package tourist from Germany and France that I decided to politely decline this generous offer.


Shitty Jobs

Luckily there are always job agencies if the money comes on a low. I did a lot of silly jobs while studying. Have a laugh here.


Les Vendanges

My lovely female roommates of Pollepelstraat 1 in Gent learned me how to drink Wine and I think everyone that likes to drain down this magic liquid should consider to work in France during ‘les vendages’ as a sacrifice to god Διόνυσος at least once in their lifetime. It’s usually during September that huges parts of France are celebrating this harvesting party. C’est plus facile quand tu parle un petit peu français, mais ce n’est pas obligatoire. Quand tu as une voiture c’est  facile de conduire et demander pour un emploi directement, quand tu n’as pas une voiture (it’s still a website about hitchhiking right), c’est un petit plus difficile – tu doit chercher online!

Les Vendanges, Auxey-Duress, France

— you can look on the website of pole-emploi (a French job agency)

At ‘Métier‘ write down ‘les vendanges‘, then in the results look for offers that are ‘nourri et logé‘ – this means you can stay at the place and get 2 warm meals a day (usually cooked by les grands-mères de la famille), et vin rouge a volonté, this all together costs you about 15 euro a day but is well worth it since you don’t really want to do that much anymore after a hard days work (mal au dos) and in the end can still save between 60-70 euro’s a day.

— you can also look at the website of ANEFA (a French job agency specialised in the Agricultural sector)

Just put Vigne & Vin at Secteur de production.

At the website of ANEFA you can also find information and offers on other seasonal working apportunities in de Agricultural sector. I haven’t tried any of these myself yet but it’s possible to work from early spring on (carottes, fleurs, pommes, poires et cetera.).


Of course there are tons of opportunities to make money anywhere, I just prefer to do it somewhere outside. At the moment (Jan 2015) I am working as a fahrradbote in Wien, Österreich.

Work without Cash

Also work and money are not necessarily related. There is tons of volunteering options out there to help you not spend (or need) any money. Up untill now I don’t have any experience doing any of these but I give a summary here of the opportunities I know of and am planning to use myself in the near future.

1. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming) : get food, accomodation and knowledge about organic lifestyles in exchange for work. You can check people’s profiles but need to register and pay a fee (I think 20 euro per country) to be able to contact.

2. HelpX (Help Exchange) : offers a more wider range on working opportunities (farms, ranches, vineyards, hostels, sailing boats etc.). Also here you need to sign up to be able to contact, this goes with a 2 year membership (20 euro’s).

3. Workaway : Similar to HelpX. You pay 22 euro for a 2 year membership.

4. Findacrew : Unleash the Pirate in you! Work on a yacht or sailboat. Depending on your experience you might even get paid to do the job!



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