Standing on the side of the road soliciting for rides might for some people mean you have lots of sphere time. In these moments ideas cast light. So goes for brain farts. Here you will find some hitchhiking related ideas.


The Hitchhiker’s Mirror

The Official Hitchhiking Spot

The Interactive Hitchhiking Sign

The Hubble Bubble Bicycle Bus

I need a dollar



And links to other webpages :

— Want to start hitchhiking yourself? — Take a look at the hitchhikers BRAIN

— Do you also feel at unease with the world throwing away such great amounts of good food — swim around in the garbage and make perfectly tasty surprise meals

— Hitchhiking is Fun! Hitchhiking with 100+ other people is simply amazing! Join Tramprennen — a German hitchhiking race and collect donations for drink water projects from Viva con Agua along the way — every year for 2 weeks around the end of August!

— Ever thought of walking entire Slovakia East to West? There is a trail! Strap on those boots and get going here!

— Ever wondered what to do in life? Ask this Guru to share his wisdom with you!

— Are you a dreamer who dreams about other people’s dreams. You’re not alone!



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