While travelling I try to keep up a list of all the people that give me a ride. Some of these rides have a more thorough description then others, sometimes there was a severe language barrier and the need to pretend to know sign language and sometimes I have to be honest I just don’t remember any details due to the huge amount of people you meet when you hitchhike (and my inadequate notes and several diaries I lost on the way). You can browse Maps by calendar year to see various trips I made the last few years.  By clicking on the points you can read a thing or two about the driver who opened the door of his/her car/van/truck for me at that particular moment!

Here you will find interactive Maps (with a description of rides I had while hitchhiking) by calendar year

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Here you will find a description of all rides I had so far by hitchhiking in a database.

Friendly Albanian driver, near Ohrid lake

Friendly Albanian driver, near Ohrid lake